Herd Sires

We constantly strive to maintian genetics that will consistently produce sound, functional show and breeding animals. We could not be more excited about our current set of boars, and the effect that they will have on the hampshire, yorkshire, and crossbred industries.

Anomaly (Barn Talk X Carry On)

This is the most structurally correct, pure-bred Hampshire boar I have see in a long time. He possesses the tremendous length and levelness of hip that is uncommon in today's Hamp breed. Combine that with his flexibility of skeleton, correctness of angles, and a powerful yet attractive package and you get something that is near impossible to find in the breed today. Introducing our newest addition, "Anomaly"! (Barn Talk × Carry On) Limited semen sales available $150/dose

Anomaly (Barn Talk X Carry On) Front View

Coli-bob (Frozen in Time X Black Label)